Zhou 'Wisp' Shanshan

Part-time cocktail waitress, part time information gatherer ... intrusion expert ...novice hitman. Wisp lives on the edge in more ways than one.


BOD: 4
AGI: 7
REA: 5
STR: 2
INT: 5
LOG: 1
WIL: 5
EDG: 3
MAG: 6

+First Impression
+Mentor Spirit (Raven)
-Social Stress (was raped …held captive .. )
-Drug Addiction (moderate) ‘Alchohol’
-Drug Addiction (moderate) ´Bliss / ZEN´

Adept Powers
Adrenaline Boost (1)
Attribute Boost AGI, STR (1)
Combat Sense (1)
Improved Reflexes 3
Kinesics (3)
Traceless Walk – from mentor spirit
Voice Control (1) – from mentor spirit
0,5 pt left

Athletic skills 1
- Gymnastics
- Running
- Swimming
Stealth 2
- Disguise
- Sneaking
- Palming
Con 5
Etiquette 5
Impersonation 5
Locksmith 3
Negotiation 1
Perception 5
Unarmed Combat 1
Pistols 3 (automatics 5)
Exotic Melee Weapon (monofilament whip) 1

Knowledge Skills
Area Knowledge ´Hong Kong´ 2
Bars and Clubs 2
Cantonese N
English N
Triads 2
Gangs 1
Japanese 1
Security Design 1
Street Drugs 1

Ed McKinley 3/3 – middle aged European journalist who drinks too much
Wang Lin Bao 4/1 – Upcoming polical intern with an interest in girls
Jinn-Jinn2/2 Bartender / drugdealer at the club where Wisp works sometimes …
Lee 1/5 Paramedic, the good samaritan who is trying to get Wisp clean … and off the street.


SINLESS – Zhou Shanshan

Fake SIN (2) – Raven … Wūyā Li-Mei
- Fake press card (2) which Ed Mckinley got her onetime to help with a story …
- Fake Licence (2): Pistol

Noteworthy Gear
Monofilament whip – cornered on her way home by a bar client turned nasty .. fighting for her life, she somehow managed to grab this of him … and next thing she knew her she stood over his mangled corpse ….knowing she should throw the gruesome tool away, she cant bring herself to do it

Other Gear


Not knowing her background aside from having been told that she was found wandering the streets, barefoot and clutching a wooden toy bird, Wisps only early memories is of desperation and hunger …. she learned early that being adaptive to putting on a happy face is a necessary survival tool among the displaced of the 21st century … despite her immediate carefree can-do demeanor she is haunted by bad experiences she doesn’t like to talk about or even think about … rather blunting them, and chasing away thoughts with whatever stimuli is at hand … afterall ‘no one likes a sour apple’‘happy girls are pretty girls’ … needless to say Wisp has a few issues with moodswings …

A – stats
B – race (elf)
C – skills
D – Physical Adept
E – Resources


Zhou 'Wisp' Shanshan

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