Vincent 'Bruce' Spruce


Facts about Vincent

  • When he was 5yo Vincent’s parents – his father a scholar early Chinese history and his mother a linguist – were found shot dead in what was presumably a robbery gone wrong.
  • He grew up ‘Seeing Dead People’ … (Astral Perception & Spirit Affinity ‘spirit of man’)
  • Growing up he was a quiet and introvert child – who got picked on before he eventually found himself at the orphanage
  • Carrying within him whether from his childhood experiences of lossing his parents or having been bullied a lot, Vincent carries within his rather meek exterior a mostly suppressed but sometimes explosive anger towards bullies in general or those that demean or disrespect him in particular.
  • Vincent has tried to channel his anger issues into catching badguys on behalf of the HK Police, but forced to choose between his partner doing-what-was-necessary and the political rules … he wasnt in daubt.


Vincent 'Bruce' Spruce

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